Postdoc Position

Post-doctoral Positions in Systems Neuroscience – University of Geneva

We have several openings for post-doctoral fellows interested in dissecting the cortical circuits underlying sensory coding. For this project we will use the latest two-photon imaging tools together with optogenetic manipulations in behaving mice to study the neuronal circuits involved in vibration perception. Candidates with a PhD in neuroscience or related fields such as engineering, mathematics or physics are encouraged to apply. Excellent programming skills, steady hands, and a strong analytical background are essential. Prior experience with imaging, animal behavior, BMI or machine learning methods is a plus. Switzerland offers a vibrant Neuroscience community with outstanding research conditions.

Send your inquiries with CV, a brief statement of research interest and list of references to: Daniel.Huber(a)

Daniel Huber
Department for Basic Neuroscience
University of Geneva
CMU, Rue Michel Servet 1
1211 Genève, Switzerland